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Fence installation

Schutting plaatsen regio Amstelveen

Fences installation and repair

Woont u in Amstelveen of omgeving en moet er een schutting geplaatst worden?

Met HG service wordt u vakkundig geholpen.

Een schutting is zowel een veiligheids- als een ontwerpdetail in uw tuin dat uw tuin veiligheid, privacy en decoratie biedt.

  • Houten schutting plaatsen

  • Draadpanelen plaatsen

  • Schutting met hederaschermen

Fence installation and repair in Amstelveen area

We offer high-quality, prompt service of putting up wooden fences and gates, wire panels and Hedera srceens.

We keep using durable materials and strong foundation to supply you with a long lasting decorative fence.

You will get an estimate as soon as you fill up our online form with the description of the fence you need.

We can often start within few days, making you a professional job with 5 years guarantee!

  • A wooden fence provides a warm and solid frame to your garden.
  • Wire panels create a durable fence and an ideal base for a climber.
  • Hedera screens grant you with an instant living green screens.

How do we work:

As soon as you contact us by our online form or by the phone, you will get a free estimate to start with.

Then we set a meeting to view the job in order to make you a clear offer.

After your confirmation, we will set the starting date to your convenience. We are often able start the work within 2 to 3 days.

What do you get:

We are happy only when you are...

As your satisfaction is the most important thing for us, we will not leave your garden till you are happy with the results.

You will get professional and pleasant service and a nice strong fence for years to come.

How to choose your fence materials:

The materials you choose to build your fence with will have a big effect over your garden atmosphere.

• A wooden fence will usually create a warm natural feel for your garden.

• An metal fence can creates aristocrat, industrial or modern looks. It deepens on the design.

• A stone or brick fence usually creates robust and traditional feel.

How to creat a durable fence:

Strong and stable poles are the key for a long lasting fence. The fence panels you install in between the poles are less important for this matter.

• For a wooden fence choose hard-wood or composite poles (7cm by 7cm minimum). Stick it 70cm deep into the ground.

• Cement poles can be used also for a wooden fence. These poles are more expensive and should be reinforced with cement in the ground.

• For a metal fence you usually use metal poles witch should be reinforced with cement in the ground.


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