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A beautiful garden year-round is a result of professional care and continual garden maintenance.

Garden maintenace and landscaping

Maintenance: We offer prompt maintenace service including hedge trimming, cutting trees, mowing lawns, clearing weeds, driveway and patio cleaning.

Landscaping: We can reshape your garden with new plants, trees, fence, tiles, staires and wood-work.

Many of our customers are surprised at the prompt and quality service we're able to deliver - from taking their enquiries to delivering the work promptly and according to the plan.

We aim to complete most jobs on the same day and taking away the waist.

We will give you an estimate as soon as you have explained what services you require, and we are often able start working within 14 days.

How do we work:

As soon as you contact us by our online form or by the email or phone, you will get a free estimate to start with.

Then we set a meeting to view the job in order to make you a clear offer.

After your confirmation, we will set the starting date to your convenience. We are often able start the work within 2 to 3 days.

What do you get:

We are happy only when you are...

As your satisfaction is the most important thing for us, we will not leave your garden till you are happy with the results.

You will get a flexible and pleasant service and a beautiful garden.

Maintenance tips:

• Don't wait to long! Clean weeds, trim hedges/bushes and jet clean your patio tiles on a regular base. Otherwise you will have to struggle each time to make your garden nice again.

• The last few years, we experienced here some hot and dry summers. Water your garden after 2-3 dry days. Ask somebody to do it for you during vacation times.

• Spread compost over your garden around December. Water the plants and turf with fertilizer during the summer for a better growth and nice flowers.

• Plant bulbs around November. Plant regular plants and turf during spring time.

• Jet clean your patio tiles and decks periodically against sliding.

• Limit your trees for growing to high. Trim it at the end of each summer if needed.

Landscaping tips:

• Plan you garden according to your needs. Go for a low maintenance garden if you are a busy person or more complex garden if it's your hobby.

• If you have guests occasionally, plan for a wide tiled area, BBQ corner, space for garden furniture, lights, sun awning or a shed.

• A decorative shed with a deck, lights and furniture will create a charming corner for you and your family.

• Garden lights will make your garden alive and useful at night as well.

• Children will be happy with a wide grass surface. Choose natural or artificial grass according to your preference.

• Choose your fence wisely to create the right atmosphere.

• Place a wide gate (100-120cm) at your back yard fore easy access for your bicycle or scooter.

• Take care for a proper drainage for your garden to avoid accession flooding.

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